Neil Gaught & Associates is an independent UK
consultancy that works around the world helping businesses, government agencies and NGOs position themselves for the future.
Our modern approach to running a consultancy means we can rapidly bring together world-class Associates as, when and where they are required. Combined with operating remotely, this means we can deliver outstanding results at a fraction of the cost of the big firms. Our core strengths include:

25 years' experience of working with businesses, governments and NGOs around the world.

  • Neil Gaught & Associates have many years experience. Combined, we have completed strategic projects for more than 80 organizations, from various UN agencies and The World Bank to Merrill Lynch and Shell, as well as smaller clients and start-ups such as the Gates-funded Alliance for Financial Inclusion.
  • Over this time, we've conceived and implemented a broad spectrum of solutions, underlining our versatility and providing our clients with valuable insights into what works in different situations, and what doesn't.

A proven ability to tailor our approach to different sectors and cultures, worldwide.

  • Between us, we've successfully identified, defined and help implement strategic solutions in virtually every sector, from finance and health to social welfare, telecommunications and tourism. We have worked in over 30 countries across the globe, from Brazil and Lebanon to Indonesia, Nigeria and the U.S.A.
  • We don't claim to be experts in any particular sector; we just know how to ask the right (and sometimes 'stupid') questions needed to get to the heart of an organization and to create a compelling solution that strikes a chord with different stakeholders.
  • We're also used to dealing with different types of stakeholders, from CEOs and government to activists, investors and customers.

A refreshingly honest, collaborative and human approach.

  • We're professionally independent – an essential requirement for understanding stakeholder motivations and challenging norms. Ultimately, our only goal is to get great results for our clients.
  • We tap into the wisdom of an organization and engage with staff at all levels, at every stage from undertaking research and analysis to creating ideas. In this way we ensure any solution is truly authentic and expertise is passed on.
  • We enjoy working with people and we find we get the best results by sharing a dialogue that is open, equal and avoids unnecessary complexity.
  • Systematic research lies at the heart of our thinking but it's our real-world experience and creative energy that enables us to turn bright ideas into smart, compelling, relevant solutions.

"Few managers truly understand the power of an SOI® to align and propel a company forward. Few management consultants have Neil's proven capability to distill a strategic framework which is authentic to the business and the strength and persistence to get a management team to understand the depth of commitment and stamina required to successfully change a business and move it forward." Group CEO, International corporate

"Things are going really well, staff engagement has been really positive. We can't underestimate the positive impact of the new SOI®." CEO, Global Technology Corporation

"Audacious." Board Chairman, Global NGO

"The inclusive approach to exploring the organization had a unifying impact on staff and others. In a sense the process was much more important than the final product." CEO, Global NGO

"You will not be surprised to know that opposition to the programme evaporated some time ago and I haven't come across a staff member who doesn't want to be part of a more positive and exciting future." CEO, International corporation

"His passion for helping organizations succeed was inspiring, and his persistence appreciated. Highly recommended for any organization aspiring to grow its value and impact." Executive Director, UN Agency

International experience
Our experience working across five continents gives us a truly global perspective that broadens Western viewpoints and challenges commonly-held assumptions.
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