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  • The Edelman Trust Barometer is the most ‘trusted’ research in the world amongst businesses, governments and NGO’s. It was Davos last week and Richard Edelman (President and CEO) presented the firms 16th Global Report.

    There are 70 slides of data and its all interesting – go to: . For anyone interested in the future positioning of their organisation (business or NGO) here are some of the highlights.

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  • On Saturday 31st October 2015 the New Zealand national men’s rugby team, officially nicknamed the All Blacks, lifted the Rugby World Cup above their heads for the third time. Their win rate is over 76% which makes them the most successful team of any code in sporting history. Since their first international match in 1903 only five nations have ever defeated them in test matches and they have dominated the number one

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  • This was a comment I recently posted on LinkedIn’s Pulse.

    With Glassdoor and the predictable likelihood of more and more anonymous sites like it becoming mainstream, the opportunity to expose the kind of poor corporate behaviour you cite will become a persistent, and louder drip-drip reputation diluter. It’s a very different scenario to the one off, soon forgotten PR disaster that can be pre-planned for in the average ‘Crisis Comms Manual’. It’s

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  • More and more often these days, the work I am developing with clients comes down to a central need to change the way they operate. Sometimes that is about what they do or make but much more often it is about HOW they carry out their business.

    During in depth customer research when asked about a particular brand much of a user or customer’s response is about the way the brand and

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  • When Walter White gave his jargon free low down on the value of brand the audience definitely got the picture:

    Walt: You produce a meth thats 70% pure, if you’re lucky. What I produce is 99.1% pure. 
    Audience: So?
    Walt: So it’s grade school tee ball v.s. the New York Yankees. Yours is just is some tepid off brand generic cola, what I’m making is Classic Coke.
    Audience: Alright. Okay. So, uh, if

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  • A few months ago, I stood in an office in the Gaza Strip in front of a room full of men and women who are committed humanitarians. They have risked their lives multiple times to deliver food to the most vulnerable people of Gaza during conflicts and live every day under a blockade with power outages, raw sewage flooding the streets, and the constant risk of violence. My translator whispered to me:

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  • 21 January 2014


    Writing on the wall

    There is something horribly corporate and predictable about values, mission statements and core purposes being stuck up on the walls. However the words were arrived at – senior management team ‘away day’ or full scale staff engagement process -, it’s seems like a cold, glib, preachy and rather cheesy way to indoctrinate and control the ‘unaligned’.
    So I was delighted when I visited my old clients at The Building Intelligence Group

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  • 16 September 2013


    Are you set for future success?

    Since the financial crisis of 2008 INGOs have been trying to figure out how best to position themselves for success in the future.

    Clearly part of the solution involves becoming more attractive to partners with financial resources in the private sector. Some INGOs have managed to achieve this transition with good results; Care International is a case in point. Equally admirable is the achievement of Global Communities. Formally named CHF

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  • 15 September 2013


    Apple of my eye

    For more than two decades I have been an unpaid ambassador for the most successful company on the planet. In presentations, workshops and speeches across the world from New Zealand to Columbia and DR Congo to Ukraine I have tirelessly held up Apple to illustrate what sets the best apart of the rest. I use other organisations too (and people, places, products and services), but when it comes to explaining brand management,

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  • 14 September 2013


    Balancing value and values

    Reputation plays a key role in building or destroying value. How much value BP, Barclays, Starbucks, JP Morgan and Boeing have lost as a result of inconsistency, flawed products and bad behaviour is hard to calculate. But here are some factors to consider beyond the fines: Audience’s perception of an organisation directly influences their decision to buy its products or services. Investors and lenders are increasingly making judgements using intangible reputation measures

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