LikeMind powered by Synthetron
Strategies and ideas are only ever successful when people buy into them. LikeMIND™ is a remarkably simple way to gain that buy-in by letting everyone inside and outside the organisation contribute.
It's remarkable because while tapping into the mass wisdom of the crowd it simultaneously pinpoints and harvests the very best contributions, insights and ideas.


Here are three ways we use LikeMIND™ to help our clients create, accelerate, reinforce and bring their strategies to life.
  • Initiate: LikeMIND™ can play a key part in our research analysis process. As well as conventional tools such as face to face interviews and workshops, LikeMIND™ uses Synthetron's unique online tool to run meta-focus groups to understand how a brand is actually positioned in people's minds and how ideally it could be positioned. LikeMIND™ has the benefits of greatly increasing inclusivity (up to 1000 participants can take part in a single session), rigour and depth of understanding thanks to its smart approach of quantified qualitative research. It democratises the consultation process and with the safety of anonymity, participants get quickly to the heart of the matter even when the subject is difficult to discuss openly.
  • Define: LikeMIND™ identifies the most important factors in common across your stakeholder group. This taps into the wisdom of the crowd to inform the Neil Gaught & Associates process to identify a SOI™, for an organisation or a project along with the values or commitments that will back up the SOI™.
  • Test: LikeMIND™ is a great way to test a strategy and validate it by getting instant feedback on what works and what doesn't and how to improve. Because LikeMIND™ can be run in any time-zone and any language you get maximum inclusion without the time, cost and carbon associated with face to face meetings. It's quick to set up so you don't have to wait long to discover the priority actions and insights for your organisation.
  • Implement: LikeMIND™ is a great tool to discover how to bring strategies to life helping brand management teams build engagement Your group of employees or stakeholders will co-create practical ideas during the LikeMIND™ session so you know how to align behaviour with the strategy
  • Be closer. To achieve change you need not only to create awareness but also to build engagement and participation. It's people who make things happen and LikeMIND™ is great for increasing motivation, harvesting good ideas and building stakeholder engagement through a closer interactive relationship with your brand.
  • Learn. Adjust and adapt ideas based on the LikeMIND™ feedback loop. Understand the dynamics of the stakeholder group, identify stakeholder segments and prioritise stakeholder opinions.
  • Get content. The LikeMIND™ report gives you communication guidelines based on your stakeholders language and motivation patterns - so you will be pushing against an open door.
  • Win hearts and minds. Because stakeholders get to express not just what they really think but also what they feel, LikeMIND™ will take you beyond the knee-jerk responses to the more meaningful and valuable territory of how your stakeholders relate to your strategy. Co-creating ideas in a LikeMIND™ session gives stakeholders a sense of belonging and common purpose that will strengthen any strategy.
  • Commitment segments. LikeMIND™ sorts out who is committed and who is not. What percentage of your staff understand the strategy and what percentage don't. What percentage are actively involved and participating and what percentage actively encourage others to participate. We show the results in simple diagrams - a snap shot in time and tracking to measure the progress and impact of your strategy.
  • Segmented understanding. LikeMIND™ helps you tailor your internal communications and tell people what they need to hear to help them move to the next level.
  • In depth and rigorous. LikeMIND™ goes far beyond what you might get from a survey tool and avoids the risks of asking the wrong question and getting the wrong answer. Because the insights come bottom-up from the participants and are peer-reviewed, amended and finally agreed on by them you get to know the things they care about in the language they use.

With LikeMIND™, we don't stop at counting the beans. We want to know how they think and what moves them so we can develop strategies with maximum impact and maximum chance of success.


Smart asking. We know how to ask the questions to elicit the answers you are looking for, and we have the analysis expertise to squeeze the data and get the most powerful insights that will make a difference to your organisation. We take the guesswork out of doing the right thing.


It's not Yammer. No IT complications, no downloads, no security risks. LikeMIND™ runs on our dedicated servers and all your participants need is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet. It is the only available tool that combines breadth of participation, depth of insight and conclusiveness of results.


Proven. Hundreds of sessions have been run for dozens of private, public and third sector organisations over the last 8 years. Hundreds of thousands of ideas have been suggested, discussed, filtered and prioritised by thousands of participants.


Powered by Synthetron. To bring you LikeMIND™, Neil Gaught & Associates has partnered with Synthetron, the Belgium based company that has developed this unique meta-focus group platform and analysis methodology. We are the only brand strategy company doing this, though management consultancies like McKinsey and Bain also use the tool.