Defining a clear positioning strategy based on a SOI and aligning it with a compelling brand identity and a practical staff engagement programme are three ways we can help you build and maintain a positive reputation.
Advising organisations on positioning
  • Successful brands stand for something in the minds of their stakeholders.
  • We can help you develop a clear positioning - based around a SOI™, underpinned by values - that will be relevant and compelling to everyone who touches your brand.
  • The very best SOI™s do what they suggest - they organise. They can clarify, motivate and unite a group of people for success and resonate with the wider community. They don't just drive performance and create wealth. They create social capital too.


Research - Market insights and sector trends, stakeholder analysis, internal/external interviews, competitor analysis, communications audit, staff workshops, stakeholder surveys, crowdsourcing, benchmarking, positioning hypothesis.


Positioning strategy - positioning statement, values, SOI™.


Implementation advice and planning.

Advising organisations on identity
  • A good brand identity system makes the value of an organisation clear. It makes dealing with that organisation easier.
  • Strong brands are certain about who they are and what they stand for. They have a distinctive visual identity and tone of voice that speaks clearly to people and not only through words and images.
  • A strong brand identity vividly brings the positioning of your brand to life. We develop brand identities that are built on robust research and rooted in sound strategic thinking, but energised by compelling creativity.


Brand identity creation (look and feel/tone of voice), brand guidelines and standards documents, brand architecture solutions, naming, storytelling, 3rd party agency briefing, brand image advice/counsel, brand communication strategies, project management.

Advising organisations on internal engagement

We believe that organisations can engage employees in a way that creates an ongoing innovation capability.


  • We have a variety of proven ways to engage employees and the wider stakeholder community and source their ideas, so they are motivated to pull in the same direction.
  • If your co-creation project, strategy or change programme requires people to be on board, then LikeMIND™ can help. The unique technology behind this online crowdsourcing tool will get to the heart of the matter to tell you what is going on in the minds of your employees and how to get them engaged.
  • We have developed a simple-to-use online commitment tracker that segments employees and gives organisations a clear idea about who's on board, who isn't and wants to be, but needs direction.
  • Ultimately, our proven engagement processes and tools can help an organisation align what it says with what it does. Turning 'crowdsourced' ideas into practical actions that create wealth and build social capital.


Engagement programmes (internal/external), brand launches, alignment workshops, brand ambassador training, staff surveys, online crowdsourcing, leadership training/coaching, brand measuring and monitoring.