Catherine Shovlin

Catherine Shovlin

Researcher and Strategist


An experienced and respected behavioural research specialist known for looking at problems in new ways. "What Catherine does is look at problems in new ways to find strategic solutions that we could never have identified ourselves." (former Marketing Director of Learning and Skills Council).


Specialises in finding the obvious but overlooked answer by drawing on a powerful blend of analysis and user insight. As a long time user of market research and from the last 10 years of work as a strategic research consultant Catherine has extensive experience not only of how to carry out research but also how to ensure it delivers against business objectives. She has a strong pragmatic streak and is always keen to identify the "so what?" in research. She specialises in working with online brainstorming/crowdsourcing on the Synthetron platform including the world's largest online focus group recently carried out in Netherlands. She was recently nominated for the Market Research Society's B2B Research Award.


In the not-for-profit sector Catherine is particularly motivated by making a tangible difference. She has been a Trustee of Womankind Worldwide, manager of EthiopiAid, Trustee of Edmund Waller School Services in Lewisham and is the founding director of Bold Vision (an inner city community charity). She loves bringing marketing insight and business "no such word as can't" thinking into the more meaningful arena of community and social development both in this country and overseas.


Global experience of business development and restructuring from major multinationals to small NGOs. Over the last 25 years Catherine has worked in change management including management consultancy, communications and research within the corporate world and as an independent consultant. She has developed business strategies in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, S and SE Asia and the Americas, playing a leading role in market entries, mergers and acquisitions, new product development and efficiency.

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