Glenn Mead

Glenn Mead

Performance Psychology Consultant


Glenn Mead specialises in helping individuals and teams to make better decisions. He does this by raising their awareness of their emotional and logical thinking brain systems, and how these influence the way they think, feel and behave. With a practical understanding of the neuroscience of decision making, clients can then apply effective question techniques that put situations into perspective.


Before consulting, Glenn worked internationally in professional services firms and the Armed Forces in both operational and human resources roles and has over 20 years’ experience of leadership and management. He has worked with EY and Cap Gemini in the UK, and with Accenture across Europe, covering 12 countries. His 9 years’ service as a Commissioned Officer in a British Army infantry battalion saw operational service in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. He also led the first-ever British Army winter expedition to Lake Baikal in Siberia.


Glenn’s operational and consulting experience is complemented by Masters degrees in Business Administration and Occupational Psychology, as well as diplomas in executive coaching and leadership mentoring. His interest in the field of personal and team development began with his curiosity in how to manage stress and build resilience through changing the way we think about and react to stimuli (cognitive-behavioural coaching). The language we use and the way we communicate play a large part in that.


Glenn is a Member of the British Psychological Society and its special group in Coaching Psychology. He is also an Access Ambassador in his hometown of Sheffield, where he helps the more vulnerable in society to live a fuller and more-rewarding life. He regularly competes in mountain marathons, but notices how each year the hills somehow keep getting steeper.

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