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Post Scottish referendum and with serious ongoing challenges in Ukraine, Syria and Palestine to name but a few, in this next Thinking Tank we took an open minded, open hearted and challenging look at the concept of nationality and its value and price in modern society. We gathered an international group of thinkers who shared over 200 ideas and on nationality during the 45 minute online discussion. What does it mean to us today and how can we ensure it does more good than harm?

Generation Gaps

The Thinking Tank debate on Generation Gaps revealed a surprisingly open minded attitude to the different values and skills of younger generations, as well as a strong awareness of the challenges facing the way the isolated elderly in Western society. Read the report to see how closely their views match their own and if any of the most strongly supported workplace actions are applicable in your organisation.

Employee engagement: Does it really matter?

People from all sorts of backgrounds contributed to the Thinking Tank discussion on the hot topic of employee engagement. Why is the effort worth the prize when it comes to ensuring the workforce are committed to the organisation's values? Why do engaged, motivated staff contribute to success and why is their own sense of well-being a key part of that shared success? Check out the report - it may confirm but also stimulate your thinking.

Sustainable Leadership

Among all the talk of sustainability - new initiatives, new policies, new laws and taxes, - it is easy to overlook what is required of the individual who takes this on. Change is never easy - a shift to a truly sustainable business takes energy, guts, vision and endurance.

The ethics of banking

Six years on from the 2007 crash and the Thinking Tank still exposes a lot of dissatisfaction in the way the finance sector has responded. Find out what the top factors are considered to be and the recommended actions to repair the broken trust.

Are we as ethical as we think?

When we consider being unethical by failing to take action, far more of us might question our behaviour. Find out how this Thinking Tank grappled with the issue to conclude "It is not sustainable for us to all behave selfishly (often the opposite to ethically). In the end we all suffer".

Future of the Family

Although most participants agreed that a family is "full of support, affection and belief in you" there was also acknowledgement that it can be a constraint. As the definition of families changes in modern society the Thinking Tank examined the role families continue to play and how it can harness the new flexibility instead of being threatened by it.

Sustainability is Boring

Identifying confusion and intangibility as the twin enemies of sustainability, the Thinking Tank set about understanding how this is happening and deciding what needs to be done about it. Find out what they came up with in the short report.

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