• “I enjoyed this book, learned from it - and strongly recommend it for those trying to succeed at the interface between business and society.”
    John Elkington, Sustainability Pioneer
  • “CORE is a really important piece of work. We need this kind of principled clarity more than ever before.”
    Simon Anholt, Founder of Good Country and the Good Country Index
  • “Timely, engaging, valuable and practical.”
    Zahid Torres-Rahim, Founder, Business Fights Poverty
  • “No business can prosper in the future without a clear purpose and here at last is a practical management tool to turn a great theory into gritty reality.”
    Mike Barry, Director, M&S Plan A
  • “Business should help people learn how they can live better lives and lead society to create the systems and technologies to do so. Core is a great guide to how business can take on that task.”
    Charles Leadbeater, Author of We Think
  • “Your SOI has so much more potential to make a difference than a simple purpose”
    Charles Handy, Leading author and philosopher in organizational behaviour and management (Quote taken from book)
  • “At the core of the world’s most admired businesses is a powerful Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) that delivers sustainable economic and social development, unites people, directs actions, brings efficiencies, attracts investment, drives innovation and builds positive reputation.”
    Neil Gaught
  • We help our clients position themselves for the future by identifying, defining and bringing to life their SOI®.
CORE London Dinner Debate
5 July 2017
Neil Gaught on
Positioning Strategy
CORE London Dinner Debate
What was said
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