• At the core of the most admired businesses is a single, powerful idea for good around which everything is organized. These businesses deliver both sustainable economic and social benefit. They attract and unite people across diverse races and backgrounds, pioneer new efficiencies, enjoy long-term investment, secure the loyalty of their customers, and gain the support of the communities of which they are a part.
    Unfortunately for people and planet, such businesses remain rare.
    Together we can change that.
Over 150 senior leaders representing business, NGOs, government and business schools were invited to 15 round table dinner debates held around the world. They were asked: If evidence and activism alone isn’t accelerating the change we urgently need, what will? They answered: Leadership and tools. We have the tools — can you help accelerate progress?
“Single Organizing Idea is a very powerful tool. It forces you to combine the business purpose and sustainability goal of your company and to take these into the heart of your business strategy.”
Gerjo Scheringa, CEO Euro Pool Group